The Winter Tales are short, illustrated novels that invoke the feeling of reading by a cozy fire when there’s snow on the sill, ideally with a mug of something warm. They can be read all year long, whenever you want to recapture that cozy under-a-blanket feeling. Each is beautifully illustrated.

These books started out as short stories that my dear friend (and later beloved wife) Carol Bales and I created for our friends and family as holiday gifts. I’d write the story and Carol would create the illustrations. Then we’d bind the books by hand. Now, the stories have been expanded into novels, each more the double the length of the original, and they’ve been traditionally published by The Story Plant.

Note: signed copies of my novels can be ordered from Eagle Eye Bookshop in the Decatur/Atlanta area. If you’d like them personalized, just let them know. Shipping is free in the USA, and pretty darn cheap everywhere else.