Astronauts vs Dinosaurs

A 22nd century space expedition finds an artificial planet in a faraway solar system with mysterious connections to the origins of life on Earth.

But seriously, it’s Astronauts vs. Dinosaurs.

This is another novel that combines a lot of the stuff I loved as a kid—dinosaurs, pyramids, lost cities, and astronauts—in a “big world” story that’s scientifically plausible, international in scope, and that raises important questions about the nature of life, mystery, science, and religion.

A century in the future, a NASA mission to one of Saturn’s moons discovers something strange.

53 years later, Mission Specialist Kim Chang has deciphered those findings: It’s a 400 million-year-old alien artifact. Earth has been visited by aliens throughout its history, and there’s a wormhole at the edge of our system that could take us to their doorstep.

The International Space Agency ship Michael Collins, lead by Commander Angela Okonkwo along with engineer Maazin Barlas, specialist Dominic Vance, pilot Jack O’Brien, and Kim herself, are sent on a mission to find out who visited our world, why, and what happened to them. Though it’s a harrowing journey, they discover an impossible planet, Earth-like but larger than Jupiter. It seems to defy the laws of physics.

The ship is critically damaged and life support is low. There is one hope for survival — and to solve the mystery and complete their mission: three of the astronauts must visit the impossible planet below. While Angela and Maazin stay to repair the craft, Kim, Dominic and Jack take a lander to the surface, hunting for answers. They find a patchwork of self-contained environments, each larger than a continent.

But when the lander crashes against a strange energy barrier, the three investigate a compound made of up pyramids . . . filled with the skeletons with DNA identical to actual Egyptians. Now, the astronauts have a new mystery to solve. What killed these people? And is the danger still out there?

Stepping outside after narrowly escaping deadly traps, they discover a living, breathing dinosaur, and Kim theorizes that this place may be the source of all life on Earth — this is Eden, the birthplace of all life. The truth, however, is much, much stranger.

This book is coming in hardcover, ebook, audiobook, and enhanced “ebook 2.0” in 2025, and details are coming soon!