I wrote this article on User Experience Design Strategy and Implementation and this article on the Software Development Lifecycle as part of a “how to” series of white papers on cross-channel (mobile app, mobile Web, and desktop/laptop Web) development in an Agile environment for Aetna. It includes everything from building a team to best practices. These are first drafts only, although they are very close to the finals, and some client-specific proprietary information has been redacted. But you’ll get the idea.

I wrote this Editorial Style Guide as part of a Content Strategy engagement with AT&T’s Software Development Center.

I wrote this Strategic Technology Roadmap for Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center’s Education program.

I wrote Experience Architecture—Beyond Personalization, a chapter included in the book The Power of One, published by AMACOM, the publishing arm of the American Marketing Association. It sums up my philosophy and approach to marketing in any media.

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Web Work

Click here to download a portfolio of Wireframe, site map, and UX samples.


It’s hard to get permission to show Strategy deliverables, but here are two samples of my strategic work. Even here, some pages had to be redacted to protect sensitive information, but these show a fair overview of my approach. Without exception, the more of this kind of work you can do upfront, the smoother the development and approval process, and the stronger the end results.

Recent Projects

Mercedes-AMG 3.0
As with version 2.0, I provided User Experience Design (site map, strategy, and wireframes) as well as content strategy and copy for a major brand site for the luxury performance division of Mercedes-Benz. The wireframes can be downloaded here, or take a look at the wireframes/clickable prototype, here.

Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge
The Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge is an exclusive community for AMG drivers, and is the company’s single most important touch point for communicating with its loyal base. In short, the site was YouTube before there was YouTube, and Facebook before there was Facebook. A decade later, the site was dated. The redesign is friendly for tablets and smartphones, while pushing the experience back to the leading edge. Click here to view a screenshot of the “before” site, along with a site map, wireframes and comps for the new site. Please note that I did not create these comps: they are included only show how the wireframes translated to a new site. I did, however, create all of the wireframes and the site map.

Goodwill and i.AM.Search: Two Recent Non-profits
I provided UX strategy, wireframes, content strategy, and copy for the new Goodwill of North Georgia site. I also wrote the copy for the Wynsum Arts Web site. They created i.AM.Search, a very cool app to help parents and educators locate specific tools to help individual children with developmental disabilities.

Mercedes-AMG’s Interactive Christmas Story Generator
Remember Mad Libs? Mercedes-AMG’s holiday card for 2011 updates that concept to let you make a customized story to send your friends in an e-card. I wrote the copy, and I’m rather proud of it, although I may have to deny that later.

I provided UX design, site map, and wireframes for the new Travelport Web site, as well as wireframes for several country-specific regional sites.

Cigarette Racing
Cigarette Racing produces high-performance boats that are literally unlike any other—and are worth every penny of their million-dollar plus price tags. Their Web site had become dated, and needed a serious facelift to make waves again. (That “make waves” joke? That’s professional copywriting right there.) Click here to view the new wireframes and site map.

Breakthrough Atlanta
The Breakthrough Atlanta site creates a bold new identity for an education nonprofit. I wrote the copy and created the user experience design. Rich media and video content will be added shortly. In the meantime, visit the new Breakthrough Atlanta site online, or click here to download the wires, site map, and a “before” screenshot.

Ehrmann Yogurt
Ehrmann is one of Europe’s leading brands—think of them as a European craft. Their Bavarian Yogurt product is their first venture into the US market, so their first American Web site needed to make a splash. I created content organization, a site map, copy (although the typo on the front page is not mine!), and wireframes. Click here to view the wireframes, or visit the new Ehrmann Yogurt site.

Click here to view the wireframes and a site map for some business applications and Web pages I designed for AutoTrader.com.

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